Are you satisfied with the performance of the employees of your hotel?

With the Hotpera Lean Management system, assess the performance of the your employees, reduce the staff expenses of your hotel  and meet your guests' demands immediately.

With the Hotpera system you will have contented guests, productive staff and a team that manages the time well.
Mobile Application

Using the mobile app, special for your hotel, your guests can order easily. Offering services quickly such as room service, reservation for spa, and so on, you can increase the turnover of your hotel.


With the mobile app that your staff uses for task tracking demands from the guests are sent to the related staff and the task is completed on time.


On the screen run by the hotel management, the performance of the staff for each task is asessed, followed and reported.

Meet Hotpera System

What are the advantages of Hotpera System?

The workload of the hotel reception decreases thanks to the mobile app that provides the guest for ordering room service, towels, and so on.

Informing your guests about special offers, it helps you to market your extra income channels.

It increases customer satisfaction thanks to the quick responses for the demands.

Hotpear System is the best hotel performance assessment system.

It helps you to specify the number of optimum staff and manage the workflow accordingly.

According to the specified demand time job performance is assessed and reported.

İşlevsel ve talep oluşturulabilen otel mobil uygulaması ile prestiji misafirlerinize hissettirebilirsiniz.

Staff who underperform or outperform is reported by the system.

Fulfiling the demands on time, workload is controlled and time is not wasted.

How it Works

Guests can download the mobile app for free using iOS or Android and they can demand room service, housekeeping, technical services, and so on. Demands are sent to the related staff via Hotpera.

With Hotpera mobile app.employee of the hotel can see and fulfill request from guests and management.

The Hotel management can see whole requests and process of fulfill, if there is a problem or unsatisfied situation , the management can solve as soon as possible so guests always are made pleased on time.

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What do people think about Hotpera?

Your ideas
This is a product that we have wanted for years. Thanks a bunch to all all developers. It is really functional and nice.

Funda Denli


Our hotel works for premium customers and it is really ground-breaking for us to use such an app. Thanks a lot.
Cemil Uslu


Before we had this app, we had to use telephones and walkie-talkies. But now it is much easier to receive the task by the notifications on my smart phone.

Ceylan Ertan


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Continuously Developing System
Lean Management