Let Your Guests Have Easy Access To Your Services!
Measure Performance Of Your Employee
Reduce Your Costs With Lean Management!


Management and Operation

For all the services and products given via the app, there is an allotted time to complete them.

Time needed can be seen on the system and when the task is completed there will be a report for the related staff.


Mobile Application

Performance reports change depending on the occupancy rates.

Allotted time can affect the performance differently for 100% and 20% occupancy rates.

All the completed tasks are registered according to the staff performance. The successful or unsuccessful reports can be seen filtering the staff or the department touching clicking the report part. If there is failed or delayed task, all the details of it can be followed on the report screen.



Your guests can order using the mobile app (iOS&Android) special for your hotel.

All the services and products in your hotel are integrated to your guests’ smart phones by Hotpera System.

Thanks to this, your guests can reach your services with just one click. These services depend on the features of the hotel and they can be room services, housekeeping, technical services, special offers or reservations. It is easier to reach the services like room service, spa and a la carte via Hotpera so you can increase your sales.