With the lean management system, instead of changing the business processes in hotels, Hotpera eliminates the unnecessary ones. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance so from the first step on it acts as an enabler between the hotel staff and the guest. With the trained staff who are able to use Hotpera, hotels have a non-stop, smooth and economical business model. Tasks are completed easily and with less effort.

What is lean management?

Lean management is an approach to run an organization which supports continuous development. It seeks to achieve small changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality. Businesses adopting a lean approach are easier to run.

In order to run a business easily, it is necessary to reduce the number of demands and input.

The guest staying at the hotel calls the receptionist to ask for a roll of toilet paper. Receptionist calls the related staff and assumes that the toilet paper would be sent to the room as soon as possible. And s/he cannot assess how long it takes for the staff to complete the task. However, thanks to Hotpera mobile app, the guest makes the demand directly to the related staff. This demand can also be followed by the hotel management and the completion time of the task is reported by Hotpera. As a result of this process, there will be no need for the reception call and time is saved.

HHotpera makes it easier to manage the staff and enables the business to use fewer staff and resources.

An autonomous workplace is designed with Hotpera Staff Performance Assessment System. Following their own performance, the staff will work more productively during the workday. With the day end report, hotel management can see the efficiency of the staff.

In line with the demands made by the guests, the staff always have to be smart and ready. With the help of this readiness, the staff managed by Hotpera will adopt the changing conditions of the market more quickly.

It is easier to run lean businesses thanks to the reduced staff number. It is a proactive approach so prompt actions can be taken.

Instead of dealing with daily problems, managers work on the long-term tasks in the businesses that adopt Hotpera Lean Management System. Declining market does not have an effect on the lean businesses because the number of the staff and the resources have already been reduced and the tasks have been made simpler.

Using Hotpera, businesses adopt a lean approach, reduce the number of the staff and expenses so productivity will increase.