With its hotel staff management screen and mobile apps, Hotpera offers user-friendly solutions for management, staff and guests.

All the workflow can be seen on the hotel staff management screen and for the tasks that are not finished on time a notification is shown to act promptly. If the management wants, they can assign new tasks to the staff.

Hotel management can inform their guests about special offers sending notifications via Hotpera guest mobile app which is designed special for the brand and image of the hotel.

Because performance of the staff can be followed instantly, the management can act immediately if a problem occurs.

Using Hotpera, you can follow the services that a room received. Calculating the extra payment of the guests, you can see the turnover of the room.

Service quality will become premium because the demands will be met as soon as possible.

It helps you to specify the number of optimum staff work for the hotel.

Advantages of Hotpera for Guests

Guests can download the mobile app, special for the hotel, for free using iOS or Android and they can make the demands to the related staff easily via Hotpera.

The guest who get the services instantly will have nothing to do but to enjoy their holidays.

Advantages of Hotpera for the Staff

Hotel staff will rely on the management because they know that their performance is assessed objectively.

Hotel staff will realise that their work makes a difference so with a positive competition environment their motivation and productivity will increase.

Hotpera will enrich a hotel a lot. Analysing the collaboration among the departments, positioning the staff accordingly, customer satisfaction, and so on are of utmost importance for a hotel to run long.