Nowadays, it is possible to do almost everything with smart phones. Using the apps that we download on our smart phones, we can make our life easier and live the moment. Hotpera is a good way to use our time wisely, which passes quickly on holidays.

Time Management

Runnig a hotel efficiently is quite important. Entertaining guests depends upon the staff’s performance. So how can you both assess the performance of the staff and manage time wisely? The answer of this is Hotpera.

Why is Hotpera important for the guests on holiday?

During their stay, your guests can make several demands. Room service, housekeeping, spa, a la carte reservations, technical support and so on are important services and they must be done as soon as possible to satisfy the guests. No guests want to spend their time on the phone at the hotel. They do not want to make a call for a la carte or spa reservation. It is peaceful to think that while you are lying on poolside your demands are being met. Using Hotpera you can order for the dry-cleaning of your clothes that you leave on your bed or you can demand toilet paper directly from the housekeeping staff without calling the receptionist. If you want to eat in your room, food details, menu, notes that you want to send to the chef are all in Hotpera app. No need for long phone calls. You have Hotpera mobile for your guests.

How do the hotel staff use Hotpera?

After your guests make their demands, the related staff sees it on his/her mobile app. The staff gets the task on himself/herself and tries to complete it on the time allotted. If s/he can complete it on the allotted time, the result is registered as 'successful' if not, it is 'unsuccessful'. In the end of day report, you can see how many tasks have been completed on time, which staff have got the most tasks, who is successful or not. Assessing the staff monthly or periodically, you can learn the general performance of the staff and reward them.