In Hotpera system there is an allotted time for the services to be completed. All demands made by the guests or the operation are registered and they are assigned to the related staff. When the staff gets the task on themselves, their time starts. For example, the service demanded needs to be done in ten minutes but if the staff cannot complete it on the allotted time this will be reported as a delayed task.

At the end of the day, you can see how many tasks have been completed on time, which staff have got the most tasks, who is successful or not.
Real Performance

It makes a performance report depending on the occupancy rates


It makes a list of all the instant tasks and shows the workflow to the hotel management.

Performance Summary

Tasks done by the staff are under control. For the assigned tasks, daily, weekly and monthly performance is assessed.

Assigning Tasks

Depending on the demands made by the operation or the guests, the tasks are assigned to the related staff or the team.


All the tasks done by the staff can be reported according to departments, rooms, areas, success and failure.

Product Management

All the products in the room service can also be on the product management page like product, details, photos, and so on.


Hotel management can see all the assigned tasks in detail using the management tab.

Staff Management

Operation registers the staff and manages all the tasks.

Task details

All the details can be followed like time spent for a task, guests’ demands, which staff assigned for the tasks, and so on.

Turnover Follow-up

A time filtered turnover follow-up can be done depending on the whole hotel or just on a room.